MASSAGE THERAPY – We use a variety of massage techniques, including NeuroMuscular Therapy, Swedish, Deep tissue, and myofascial release to address muscle soreness, and facilitate soft-tissue repair in specific areas, while simultaneously addressing contributing factors.

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY (CST) – Co-founded by Dr, John Upledger, CranioSacral Therapy is a subtle, non-invasive approach to bodywork that has an effect on the central nervous and endocrine systems.  Affecting the CranioSacral system facilitates the body’s natural ability to heal.  Client may be clothed or CST techniques may be integrated into a standard massage therapy session depending on the client’s need. Click Here for more details.

REFLEXOLOGY – Reflexology is an ancient technique that uses pressure points to restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body. Reflexology works through the central nervous system to bring each body system to balance by stimulating specific reflex points on the feet, hands and/or ears. Essential oils are sometimes used to address specific issues of each body system.

PREGNANCY AND LABOR MASSAGE – Those precious times before, during and after labor may utilize one or more healing modalities of massage, herbs, oils, and reflexology for physical and emotional support of the mother.